OWL Heavy Lift (OWL) delivers industry-leading logistic solutions to the offshore wind industry. We help create the safe and competitive supply chain which is required to serve today’s and tomorrow’s deep-sea offshore wind parks, in order to achieve the common goal to reduce LCOE of offshore renewable energy.  

The offshore wind industry is continuously working on LCOE reduction. This leads to larger wind turbines at deep-sea locations. This continuous development brings new demands to the supply chain and thereby corresponding service and maintenance of turbines offshore.

In 2016 OWL Heavy Lift was founded with the mission to make the logistics supply chain of offshore wind turbine maintenance more efficient both operationally and financially within the ever-changing market conditions.

In continuous consultation with our customer, a strong drive for innovation and a healthy dose of conservatism, OWL Heavy Lift developed the first wind turbine service unit that is able to follow and support the market trends of safety improvements and LCOE reduction of bigger wind turbines in deeper water, further offshore: the OWL-010.

OWL is a Contractor member of IMCA in the Europe & Africa Region with participation in the Marine Division.

OWL is registered as a supplier at Achilles Nordics & Central Europe Pre-Qualification System and has successfully achieved the Achilles UVDB registration, having completed an online pre-qualification questionnaire.