With successful initiation of the services this leads to the goals relevant to the Dutch Society:

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Goal 9 of ‘UN Sustainable development goals’

The overall goal of this project is the development and construction of a worldwide unique combination of a special purpose ship, combined with a 3D motion compensated lift system, and thereby providing a solution for offshore wind turbine installation, maintenance and in due time decommissioning.

Energy Transition

Goal 7 of ‘UN Sustainable development goals’

This project proposes a three tier business proposition leading to 3% Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) and emissions reduction for offshore wind parks. Thereby renewable energy becomes cheaper and thus this supports the energy transition from conventional energy towards renewable energy.

Decent work and Economic growth

Goal 8 of ‘UN Sustainable development goals’

Based on technical industry innovation, OWL will start -up and operate a shipping company located in Rotterdam the Netherlands, with crane vessels sailing under Dutch flag. With these vessels OWL will provide sustainable infrastructure required for offshore wind parks.

Responsible Consumption and production and Climate Action

Goal 12 and 13 of ‘UN Sustainable development goals’

In addition to the foregoing, OWL will outfit their OWL-EUROPE with a hybrid propulsion system, whereby traditional Diesel Electric vessel systems are supported by heavyduty battery packs. This technology will reduce total installed engine power and improve (reduce) fuel consumption.